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In the Shadow of the Bear by David Randall 
13th-Apr-2006 04:13 pm
Author: David Randall
Title: In the Shadow of the Bear
Series: First book in the Clovermead series.
Pages: 414
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 9
Summary: Twelve-year-old Clovermead Wickward's head is filled with stories of adventure. She dreams about the thrill of a sword fight and the excitement of heroic quests. The last thing Clovermead expects is for those dreams to come true. But it seems her father, Waxmelt, is not who she has believed him to be. As she becomes aware of strange new powers within her, Clovermead realizes that her father is harboring secrets that threaten to tear their small family apart.
At the same time, the good nuns of Lady Moon are waging war again the evil bear-priests of Lord Ursus. Suddenly Clovermead and Waxmelt find themselves thrust into the middle of an epic battle.
Clovermead comes to understand that the clash between good and evil is raging not only on the battlefield but also within herself. Will she succumb to the temptation of evil, in the shadow of the bear, or will she fight for the salvation of good?

A wonderful book. The book went by very quickly and was hard to put down.
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