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Off the Shelf
Making your TBR pile smaller one book at a time!
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26th-Oct-2008 09:54 pm - Goody Goody Gunshots by Sammi Carter
A quick read and some nice recipes in the 4th installment of A Candy Shop Mystery.
back coverCollapse )
An okay series, it reads fast so I took it to work!

Currently reading
Silver Chief's Revenge by Jack O'Brien
Blind Spot by Terri Persons
The Quilter's Kitchen by Jennifer Chiaverini (still on page one and sitting by my chair which I haven't used since I set the book there!)

Up next
Ghost At Work by Carolyn G. Hart
Spock Strange
20th-Oct-2008 09:31 pm - Feast of Fools by Rachel Caine
This is the fourth book in The Morgansville Vampire series.
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Action from scene one! It starts where the third book left off and the action doesn't stop until you realize you need the next book...now!

Currently reading:
The Quilter's Kitchen by Jennifer Chiaverini
Silver Chief's Revenge by Jack O'Brien

Up next:
Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs
15th-Oct-2008 01:23 am - Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake
Finished up Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake tonight. It's the first book in the Dark Days vampire fantasy series.
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A very good book and a most satisfying ending to the first story in a continuing series.

Currently reading
Buying Organic by Luddene Perry

Up next
The Clockwork Teddy by John J. Lamb
The Quilter's Kitchen by Jennifer Chiaverini

What happened to Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs, you ask? It got moved a little farther down the tbr stack!
13th-Oct-2008 06:23 pm - Heat Lightning by John Sandford
Finished up the second book in the Virgil Flowers series, a spinoff series to the Prey (Lucas Davenport) series. book jacketCollapse )

Currently reading
Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake
Buying Organic by Luddene Perry and Dan Schultz

Up next
The Quilter's Kitchen by Jennifer Chiaverini
Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs
10th-Oct-2008 02:27 pm - Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce
This audiobook release has finally made it into print! It's the start of a new quartet (I think) from the Circle of Magic series. It features Briar's student from Street Magic in the Circle Opens quartet.
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Currently reading
Heat Lightning by John Sandford
Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake

Up next (though reserving the right to change my mind!)
Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs
7th-Oct-2008 07:40 pm - French Pressed & Hell Bent
Finished up:
French Pressed by Cleo Coyle is the 6th book in her Coffeehouse mystery series.
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Fair-to-middlin', as they say. "Who says?" you ask. I don't actually know, it's just an expression. :) It's an okay series by the authors of The Haunted Bookshop series (Alice Kimberly) which I really like.

Hell Bent by William G. Tapply is #24 or #27 - depending on whether you count collaborating books & series with other authors (Philip R. Craig's J. W. Jackson in his Martha's Vineyard series) or not - in his Brady Coyne mysteries.
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Another very good book in this long running series. I found it interesting to discover two other mystery series whose characters are mentioned in each others books. Brady Coyne is the attorney for Doc Adams (Rick Boyer's oral surgeon and Brady's fishing buddy) and J W Jackson (Philip R. Craig's retired cop/odd job man on Martha's Vineyard and Brady's fishing buddy). Though Craig and Boyer only mention Coyne in their series, Tapply mentions both and Charlie McDevitt, whom I haven't found in a series yet! Still looking though! lol
Craig, before his death, also collaborated on three books with Tapply using both of their series characters.

Currently still reading:
The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle by Franklin House

Up next:
Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce (Audio release was last year but I like books better.)
Let's ride!
2nd-Oct-2008 09:58 pm(no subject)
I've been neglecting my book postings again.

I just finished Cold Case by Kate Wilhelm.
from book jacketCollapse )
A very good book.

I'm currently reading
French Pressed by Cleo Coyle
The 30 Day Diabetes Miracle by Franklin House

I'm not sure what's up next. I just received a ton of books to sort through and need to rearrange my tbr stacks before I decide!
6th-Aug-2008 02:05 pm - Finished two more!
The Scent of Shadows by Vicki Pettersson is a paranormal thriller. No vampires, werewolves, or other mythological beasts, just superheroes and supervillains based on the Zodiac. Holy comic books, Batman, we've been knocked off again. A pretty good story, though a bit graphic in my view, and I'll contimue with the second one.

Cockatiels at Seven by Donna Andrews is the latest mystery in her Meg Langslow series and just as funny as the others. Meg's asked by an old friend to babysit her 2 year old son for a little while. When morning turns to afternoon, she's wondering how long a little while actually is.

Still reading The Excalbur Alternative by David Weber.

Up next are Valor's Trial by Tanya Huff and The Taste of Night by Vicki Pettersson.
31st-Jul-2008 09:33 pm - Bound by Sally Gunning
Just finished Bound by Sally Gunning
From Publishers Weekly
In Gunning's latest colonial page-turner, seven-year-old Alice Cole travels with her family from 1756 London to the New World, dreaming of a big house in Philadelphia and a new life. Her mother and brothers die on board and are buried at sea; the ship docks in Boston rather than Philadelphia; there, her father indentures her for 11 years without a backward glance. Alice does housework for the family of Simeon Morton of Dedham, in whose house she is treated almost like a second daughter, becoming constant companion to 10-year-old Abigail, or Nabby. When Nabby marries Emery Verley of Medfield, Alice's indenture is signed over to him, but the Verley household turns out to be an abusive one. Alice flees and winds up on Satucket, Cape Cod, where Lyddie Berry, heroine of Gunning's The Widow's War, and her companion, the lawyer Eben Freeman, give her shelter and a job. Alice works hard for them, and they grow fond of her, but when Alice discovers she's pregnant, she embarks on a journey of deceit and lies, one that comes to a bitter end. Gunning weaves a horrifying, spellbinding story of colonial indenture's cruelties and a meditation on the meaning of freedom. (Apr.)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
It was an interesting book. I'm looking forward to the next one!

I'm currently reading
The Excalibur Alternative by David Weber

Next up are
The Scent of Shadows by Vicki Pettersson and
Cockatiels at Seven by Donna Andrews
20th-Jul-2008 08:02 pm - Susan Dunlap & Kris Neri
I finished both of those books I'd been reading on Thursday.
A Single Eye by Susan Dunlap is the first in her new mystery series.
From Booklist
Dunlap returns after a long hiatus with a new sleuth, Darcy Lott, a movie stuntwoman and Zen practitioner. She is strong but afraid of being alone in the woods. After a stunt goes wrong and sends her plummeting into a forest, her Zen master sends her to a retreat in a remote redwood forest in California to face her fear. He also wants her to deliver a message to the head of the monastery, Leo Garson-roshi. Once she arrives, she discovers that the monastery is full of secrets. A student disappeared several years ago, and everyone fears that he is dead. Leo says that he plans to leave the community after this retreat, which he dedicates to the missing student. Strange things begin to happen, and Darcy fears that Leo's life is in danger. Anthony and Macavity Award-winning author Dunlap has created an engaging new female detective. Fans of her Kiernan O'Shaughnessy series will welcome Dunlap back and eagerly await Darcy's next case. Barbara Bibel
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved --This text refers to the Paperback edition.
I am indeed looking forward to the next book, loved this one!

Revenge of the Gypsy Queen by Kris Neri is her debut novel in the Tracy Eaton mystery series.
Book Description
Families: Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em . . .
The beleaguered daughter of eccentric Hollywood stars, mystery writer Tracy Eaton is no stranger to wacky people, especially within her family. So when her sister-in-law's wedding becomes a three-ring circus, Tracy is nonplussed, even when the bride is kidnapped.
Her snoot, bickering in-laws refuse to call the police and insist on paying the ransom, but Tracy knows that if justice is gong to prevail, it will definitely need her help. Because . . . the groom is riding around in a bulletproof limo; sweet, lovable Uncle Philly -- a con artist if ever there was -- has disappeared; and there are strange happenings at the engaged couple's upscale restaurant: the Gypsy Princess. It will take all of Tracy's innate nosiness and nerve to get to the shocking truth -- and the Eaton family secret.
Another series I'm looking forward to continuing...and I already have #2 in hand!! :) A mystery author writing about a mystery author who wants to be a detective. I found it very funny though I did have the plot pretty much figured out.

I'm currently reading
In Fury Born by David Weber

Starting tomorrow
Dem Bones' Revenge by Kris Neri

Next up is Bound by Sally Gunning
Who can you trust when you're BAIT
17th-Jul-2008 07:05 pm - finished, current, next
Where have I been for the last week? Good question. Obviously not posting about the books I've finished.
The 2nd and 3rd books by Craig Johnson in his Walt Longmire mystery series.
Death Without Company
Walt gets a call from the former sheriff about a death in the assisted care living facilities he resides in. Looking like death by natural causes, nevertheless Walt takes his former boss seriously enough to order an autopsy and finds himself involved in a murder investigation full of surprises.
Kindness Goes Unpunished
Walt heads to Pennsylvania to visit his daughter, only to find her in the hospital after a vicious attack leaves her in a coma with a skull fracture. He doesn't believe it's a random mugging and sets out to investigate his lawyer daughter's ongoing cases.

The Apocalypse Troll by David Weber is a stand alone science fiction novel,
Richard Aston fishes a wounded warrior from an alien spacecraft when it crashes in the Atlantic Ocean only to find she's a human from the future trying to stop the aliens she's fighting who've come back to destroy the Earth.

Gabriel's Horn by Alex Archer is the latest in the fantasy Rogue Angel series.
The stranger could be insane. Or he just might be our salvation.
Archaeologist Annja Creed is more than curious when a decrepit, ancient-looking man visits her, claiming the end of the world is near. The stranger spins wild tales and speaks as if he actually knew King Arthur. But, strangest of all, he insists that Annja is the only one who can stop the horrible event that is about to happen.
When Annja's mentor and friend Roux goes missing, she quickly realizes there may be something to the stranger's stories. Making her way through the dark and violent underbelly of Istanbul, Annja must find her missing friend and the Holy Grail before the relic gets
into the wrong hands. She may not fully believe the fate of the world is on the line, but she doesn't really want to die fi nding out.

I'm currently reading
A Single Eye by Susan Dunlap
Revenge of the Gypsy Queen by Kris Neri

Up next is
Bound by Sally Gunning
9th-Jul-2008 10:51 am - The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson
Book Description
There’s a powerful, new voice coming from out of the American West and his name is Craig Johnson. In his debut novel Johnson brings to life the vast Wyoming landscape, its people, and a wonderful new character in Sheriff Walt Longmire.

The citizens of the Cowboy State boast a long and bloody history of dispensing rough justice but the last few decades have bred peace between the white and Native American communities. So when Cody Pritchard is found dead near the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Sheriff Walt Longmire and the general population of Absaroka County are inclined to think it’s a hunting accident. But two years earlier Cody was one four high school boys convicted of brutally raping Melissa Little Bird, a young Cheyenne girl with fetal alcohol syndrome. The boys were guilty but let off with suspended sentences. Was this a revenge killing? Sheriff Longmire intends to find out.

After twenty-four years as sheriff, Walt, along with Deputy Victoria Moretti and lifelong friend Henry Standing Bear, is embroiled in the most volatile and challenging case of his career. He might be the only thing standing between the three remaining boys and a Sharps .45-70 buffalo rifle.

In the first book of this new series, Wyoming resident Craig Johnson fills the vast emptiness of the high plains with a cast both tragic and humorous and brings a unique landscape and its people to life with mesmerizing authenticity. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Also finished The Shiva Option by David Weber & Steve White.

I'm currently reading
Death Without Company #2 in the Walt Longmire series by Craig Johnson
The Apocalypse Troll by David Weber

Up next is Kindness Goes Unpunished by Craig Johnson
3rd-Jul-2008 04:56 pm - The Heart of Valor by Tanya Huff
Another good book in Tanya huff's Torin Kerr Confederation series. Recently promoted Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr jumps at the chance for a boring posting as temporary aide to Major Svensson on a trip to Crucible, the Marine Corps training planet. It should have been an easy 20 days. After all, it's battle simulations so that recruits can learn by experience without actually getting killed. But they no sooner land on the planet when the simulations become a lot more realistic and now it's up to the Gunnery Sergeant to keep her platoon alive until they're picked up.
Good book, it makes me want to reread the first two books in the series!

Currently reading The Shiva Option by David Weber & Steve White.

Next up is The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson.
28th-Jun-2008 08:17 pm - The Awakened Mage by Karen Miller
It's the last book in her Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology. Asher has come a long way for a fisherman's son. Together with his friend Prince Gar, he has defended their kingdom against its bitterest enemy, but at great cost. Now, the evil mage Morg is preparing for his most deadly assault. And this victory would be particularly sweet?for who better to destroy the kingdom than the two who would give anything to save it?
This one didn't keep my interest like the first one. I was disappointed in how the story unfolded and how the characters seemed to have changed from the first book.

I'm currently reading The Shiva Option by David Weber & Steve White.

Up next is The Heart of Valor by Tanya Huff.
Spirit Ball
25th-Jun-2008 08:05 am - Winter Study by Nevada Barr
I forgot I was in the middle of this one when I left for vacation a couple weeks ago.
Park Ranger Anna Pigeon is sent to Isle Royale in the middle of Lake Superior to learn more about wolves and their habits for the reintroduction of wolves into her home park, the Rocky Mountain National Park. It's January, and the park is closed except for the wolf study team and two scientists from Homeland Security, who are looking into the feasibility of closing the fifty-year-old study down and leaving the park open year round. Giant wolf prints are found in the snow, alien DNA is discovered leading to the theory of a wolf/dog hybrid introduced onto the island, and a team member is savaged in an attack unusual for wolves. Anna's instincts convince her something's out of kilter and her investigations lead her into a fight for her very life.
The tone is much better than the last couple in the series though it's still a bit more on the dark side than I prefer. This was going to be the last one I read but I am going to continue the series after all.

I'm currently reading
The Shiva Option by David Weber & Steve White
The Awakening Mage by Karen Miller

Next up is
The Heart of Valor by Tanya Huff
I finished the latest Haunted Bookshop mystery a couple days ago. Penelope Thornton-McClure is the owner of Buy the Book bookstore which is haunted by a 1940's private detective who was murdered in what used to be his office.
Penelope's friend has finished restoring the old movie theater and is holding his first annual Film Noir festival with guest speakers including the legendary actress whose films are being shown all weekend. After she is almost killed on stage and as other guest speakers begin to die around town, Penelope with the aid of her PI ghost, tries to solve the case before someone else dies.
It's another good book in the series by Alice Kimberly (AKA Cleo Coyle).

I'm currently reading
1. The Shiva Option by David Weber & Steve White
2. The Awakening Mage by Karen Miller.

Next up is The Heart of Valor by Tanya Huff.
I finished In Death Ground by David Weber & Steve White. Set in the Starfire Universe fifty years after the Theban War in Crusade, a Terran ship on a boring survey of a long known open warp point makes an unexpected discovery. The other side of the open warp point is closed! Meaning any sentient species on that side would be very unlikely to discover it. Routine survey work just went out the airlock, especially after they pick up an unknown undecipherable transmission. The race has a a comparable technology, an overwhelming number of ships, and a completely foreign mindset that doesn't recognize other sentient species. And the Fourth Interstellar War is on. A very good book in this first of a duology in the Starfire quartet.

I'm currently reading The Awakened Mage by Karen Miller and The Ghost and the Femme Fatale by Alice Kimberly.

Next up should be The Heart of Valor by Tanya Huff and The Shiva Option by David Weber & Steve White.
17th-Jun-2008 08:15 am - The Queen Jade by Yxta Maya Murray
I finished The Queen Jade by Yxta Maya Murray last night. Bookstore owner Lola Sanchez is off to Guatemala in search of her archeologist mother who vanished during a hurricane while searching for the legendary Queen Jade. A very interesting book and I'm looking forward to the next one, King's Gold about Montezuma, and the third one if it get's written supposedly about Excaliber!

I'm still reading In Death Ground by David Weber and Steve White, The Awakening Mage by Karen Miller, and The Ghost and the Femme Fatale by Alice Kimberly.

Next up will be decided after I finish at least one more of the above!
Rogue Angel
16th-Jun-2008 09:02 pm - Index to Murder by Jo Dereske
I've finished Index to Murder by Jo Dereske. Bellehaven librarian Miss Helma Zukas is looking for the thief of her friend's two paintings. It turns out the paintings are the only link between two suspicious deaths and now she's once again involved in murder. Another good book in the series and it looks like her romance with the police chief may actually go somewhere!

I'm still rereading In Death Ground by David Weber and Steve White.
I'm currently reading The Queen Jade by Yxta Maya Murray, The Awakened Mage by Karen Miller, and The Ghost and the Femme Fatale by Alice Kimberly.

Up next will wait until I finish at least two of the current books! :)

Anyone else emptying there tbr shelves?
5th-Jun-2008 10:32 am - The Crystal Skull by Manda Scott
Winter Solstice 2012 - 12/21/12 - is the predicted end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. Ancient prophecies say that there are thirteen skulls made out of precious stones that must be set into their proper place and alignment in order to stop Armageddon from occurring. Stella Cody, while spelunking in England with her husband of two days, stumbles across the hidden resting place of one such skull and it changes their lives almost immediately. For before they can leave the cave, someone tries to kill them. Some men want the skull for the power it possesses, others believe that the skulls will be the cause of Armageddon, not its cessation, and seek to destroy it.

Product DescriptionCollapse )
Are we reaching the end of the world? Will it be pollution or warfare, fighting for the last of the dwindling resources on the planet, that destroys the very world we live on? A very intriguing book that was hard to put down.

I'm still rereading - a couple pages a day - In Death Ground by David Weber & Steve White.
I'm currently reading Winter Study by Nevada Barr
The Awakened Mage by Karen Miller.

Next up may be The Queen Jade by Yxta Maya Murray.
31st-May-2008 08:35 pm - Lumby's Bounty by Gail Fraser
Another humorous book set in the small town of Lumby with its quirky characters. Lots of fun as Lumby holds its first ever hot air balloon festival. I've never heard of a booster for a propane burner! :)

I'm currently still rereading In Death Ground by David Weber & Steve White.

Next up is The Crystal Skull by Manda Scott.
29th-May-2008 08:03 pm - Stealing Lumby
Returning to the Gail Fraser's town of Lumby in the second book of her series, Stealing Lumby. Mark and Pam Walker have the Inn up and running with new projects abounding. But the media's about to swarm into town with the news of the theft of a famous painting, The Barns of Lumby, stolen on it's way to a London Museum. Then one of the actual barns vanishes. Another very delightful book.

I'm currently still rereading In Death Ground by David Weber & Steve White.

Next up is Lumby's Bounty by Gail Fraser.
29th-May-2008 12:22 am - The Widow's War
Finished up The Widow's War by Sally Gunning tonight. A very good historical novel. From Booklist
In a colonial whaling village, Lyddie Berry is very happy with her husband, Edward, the home they've built together over the years, and the children they've raised. When Edward is lost in a whaling disaster, Lyddie discovers her new status as a widow is not equal to her former status as a wife. All of the property Lyddie and Edward have acquired is now the responsibility of Lyddie's tight-fisted son-in-law. Although destitute and grieving, Lyddie finds righteous anger and strength, and challenges her son-in-law when he violates the terms of her husband's will. This defiance leads her to question other values held by the community about a woman's place, and even as she loses her reputation and home, she gains a deeper sense of self. Historical fiction isn't usually known for quick pacing, but readers will be swiftly turning the pages, eagerly cheering for the strong-willed widow. The crisp prose is flavored with the stinging salty atmosphere of a New England community witnessing one individual's war for independence. A good choice for book groups. Kaite Mediatore
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved.

I'm currently rereading In Death Ground by David Weber & Steve White.

I think that next up will be Stealing Lumby by Gail Fraser.
28th-May-2008 04:06 pm - The Innocent Mage
I finished The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller last night. It's the first of two books in her Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology. It's the story of a fisherman's seventh son who's dream is of going to the city to make his fortune and then to return home to buy a boat for him and his da. He doesn't know of the Prophecy of the Final Days or the Circle, whose members have been eagerly watching for his arrival. An engrossing fantasy story.

I'm currently rereading In Death Ground by David Weber & Steve White.
I'm also reading The Widow's War by Sally Gunning.

Next up should be Stealing Lumby by Gail Fraser.
Cheshire Cat
26th-May-2008 09:44 am - finished, current, next
I've finished another two books from my tbr piles.
The first one, Crusade by David Weber & Steve White, is the first book in the Starfire universe. Humanity is now at peace and allied with the Orions when an unknown ship comes out of a warp point that no survey ship has ever returned from. When challenged by an Orion patrol ship, it responds with long outdated human codes and proceeds to destroy the ship on it's mission to free Holy Mother Terra. This is another David Weber reread for me as I continue to read every one of his books either again or for the first time.
The other book, Key West Connection, is by Randy Striker, better known now as Randy Wayne White, author of the Doc Ford series which is why I picked it up. It turns out that this is the first book and series he wrote about an ex-Navy SEAL who begins a personal war against the drug smugglers who killed his wife, two sons, and best friend. A quick read, lots of action and very similar to other men's adventure series of books. Okay books but I'm not picking up any more.
I didn't finish Murderers Prefer Blondes by Amanda Matetsky. The setting is 1954 with a female lead character, Paige Turner (yes, her name is why I tried the series), who in every page I read tells why women of that era were so exploited. Now if she time-traveled from th '90's her attitude of grievances would have made more sense but it really slowed the pace of the story down.

I'm currently reading In Death Ground by David Weber & Steve White and The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller.

Next up should be The Widow's War by Sally Gunning.
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