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Off the Shelf
Making your TBR pile smaller one book at a time!
The Musashi Flex by Steve Perry 
12th-Apr-2006 05:54 am
Author: Steve Perry
Title: The Musashi Flex
Pages: 321
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: 9
Summary: Lazlo Mourn is a battle-scarred veteran of the extreme martial arts game known as the Musashi Flex. But just as he's ready to hang up his blades, his moves evolve toward a form of fighting unlike any the galaxy has ever seen...
Journalist Cayne Sola's ambition knows no bounds - and not even the most blood-hungry Flex fighter can match her fierce determination. She wants a big story on the games - and she'll get it...
A billionaire several times over, Ellis Mtumbo Shaw has everything money can buy - except fame on the Flex field of combat. And one untested drug puts that within his reach...
Warrior. Infiltrator. Upstart. Their fates will intertwine - and be decided - in the bloody arena of the Muashi Flex. And if they survive, their story will become legend...

This was a very delightful, action-packed read with a little philosophy thrown in. Though the book doesn't mention it, it seems to be a prequel to The Matador series that he wrote in the 1980's (yes, I enjoyed that series too), it's set in the same universe. With 2 sets of main characters, neither of whom are villains of the story, heading on a collision course somewhere down the line, you don't know who you want to come out on top. He keeps you guessing to the last exciting page.
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