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Off the Shelf

Making your TBR pile smaller one book at a time!

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It's all about books.

Talk about the book you’ve just finished, the one you’re currently reading, ones you’re looking forward to reading or about your favorite authors.

Posting for books:
Post Title and Author in subject line
If it’s part of a series, list the series and number.
Pages in the book
Your Rating of the book
A Summary of the book from a review, the back cover, or wherever (any spoilers put behind a lj-cut)

Rating System:
10 - A fantastic book
9 - A great book
8 - A good book
7 - A decent book
6 - An okay book
5 - Average
4 - Not too bad
3 - Didn’t care for it
2 - Didn’t like it
1 - Didn’t finish it

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